Carl: You New? Grimes: Yes. My Name Is Frank Grimes.

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Carl: You new?
Grimes: Yes. My name is Frank Grimes.
Lenny: I'm Lenny. This is Carl and Homer. I'm Lenny.
Grimes: How do you do.
Homer: [picks up one of Grimes' pencils, spilling the rest onto his
desk] Wow, you've got pencils with your name on them -- just
like a pencil company executive. I'd give anything for one
of these.
Grimes: [tugs the pencil back out of Homer's hand] Any office supply
company can have them made up for you.
Homer: Can I have this one? [tries to tug it back]
Grimes: No.
Homer: Can [thinks] Lenny have it? [tries it again]
Grimes: No.
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