Lovejoy: [walks Into The Room] Yes, Marge? Marge

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Lovejoy: [walks into the room] Yes, Marge?
Marge: Reverend, I gave Ned Flanders some bad advice. Now he could
be in real trouble.
Lovejoy: [exasperated] What happened now? Did he swallow a paper
Marge: No, he's disappeared. Oh, I'm in way over my head. I mean,
where do the helpers turn when they need help?
[Lovejoy looks out the basement window. As if on cue, a
bright light streams through the glass and an organ can be
heard. The camera pulls back to reveal that Marge has
accidentally backed into the keyboard]
Marge: Eh? [stands up] Sorry.
-- "In Marge We Trust"