Marge: But You Can't Let A Few Bad Experiences Sour You On Helping People.

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Marge: But you can't let a few bad experiences sour you on helping
Lovejoy: Oh, sure I can.
[the phone rings]
[shudders] You handle it. [leaves]
Marge: Me? But I, I, wait I can't, I ... [picks up phone] Hello?
[the screen splits to reveal that Moe is on the other end]
Moe: Yeah, hi, I'm calling for Reverend Lovejoy. Who is this?
Marge: Oh, well, this is um, the uh ... The Listen Lady.
Moe: Yeah, well listen, lady, I got so many problems I, I don't
even know where to begin here.
Marge: Okay ... um, why don't you start from the top?
Moe: All righty. Uh, number one, I've lost the will to live.
Marge: Aw, that's ridiculous Moe. You've got lots to live for.
Moe: Really? That's not what Reverend Lovejoy's been telling me.
Wow, you're good, thanks. [hangs up]
[the phone rings. Moe has called back]
Moe: Hi, it's me again. I've got another problem. Uh, this one's
about my cat. [a cat yowls in the background] Yeah, shut
up, I'm asking her!
-- "In Marge We Trust"