Flanders: Reverend, I'm, Uh, I'm Afraid Something Terrible Has Happened.

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Flanders: Reverend, I'm, uh, I'm afraid something terrible has
Lovejoy: Well, sit down and rap with me brother, that's what I'm here
Flanders: [sits] I was talked into doing a dance called "The Bump,"
but my hip slipped and my ... my buttocks came into contact
with the ... buttocks of another young man.
Lovejoy: [pause] I ... see.
[voice-over] Then the calls began.
[dissolve to shot of the Reverend at the dinner table, on
the phone with Flanders]
Flanders: Well, I, I think I may be coveting my own wife.
[cut to shot of Reverend playing with a small train set]
I'm meek but, I could probably stand to be meeker.
[cut to shot of the Lovejoys in Paris]
I, I ... I think I may have swallowed a toothpick.
Lovejoy: Finally, I just stopped caring. Luckily, by then it was the
Eighties, and no one noticed.
-- Reverend Lovejoy's cautionary tale,
"In Marge We Trust"