Marge: All Done. I Swept The Aisles And Put All The Collection Plates In The Dishwasher.

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Marge: All done. I swept the aisles and put all the collection
plates in the dishwasher. Oh -- and you wouldn't believe how
many dead pigeons there were in the organ.
Lovejoy: Marge, you are a real timesaver. Do you know, thanks to you,
that I discovered a form of shame that's gone unused for 700
Marge: [impressed] Wow.
[phone rings, and Lovejoy answers on speakerphone]
Lovejoy: Lovejoy here.
Skinner: [on phone] Reverend, this is Principal Skinner. I'm facing
a crisis, and I didn't know to whom to turn.
Lovejoy: All right.
Skinner: Mother's gone too far -- she's put cardboard over her half of
the television. We rented "Man Without a Face" -- I didn't
even know we had a problem! What should I do?
Lovejoy: Well, maybe you should read your Bible.
Skinner: Um, any particular passage?
Lovejoy: Oh, it's all good.
-- Timeless advice, "In Marge We Trust"