Lovejoy: Can You Believe It? They Give You Five "Q"s And Only Two "U"s.

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Lovejoy: Can you believe it? They give you five "Q"s and only two
"U"s. What a world.
Marge: That's crazy.
Lovejoy: So, what's on your mind, Marge?
[cut to Lovejoy's office]
Marge: Sermons about constancy and provicitude [?] are all very well
and good, but the church could be doing so much more to reach
out to people.
Lovejoy: Oh, I don't see you volunteering to make things better.
Marge: Well, okay, I will volunteer.
Lovejoy: I wasn't prepared for that.
-- Be careful what you ask for, "In Marge We Trust"