Marge: Hey, Calm Down. You're Wrinkling Your Church Clothes.

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Marge: Hey, calm down. You're wrinkling your church clothes.
Homer: Who cares? This is the best part of the week.
Lisa: It's the longest possible time before more church!
Marge: Church shouldn't be a chore; it should help you in your
daily life.
Homer: It should but it doesn't. Now, who's going with Daddy to
the dump?
Bart + Lisa: Me! Me!
Marge: The dump?
Homer: We're going to get rid of the Christmas tree. It's
starting to turn brown.
[pan to the tree, which is now a brown, dry pile of
needles and kindling]
Wanna come with?
Marge: No, no, I don't feel like going to a trash pile today.
Homer: It's your life. We'll bring you back something nice.
[Homer and Bart carry out the remains of the tree]
-- "In Marge We Trust"