Bart: Hello? Creditor: Hello, Mr. Halper. I'm Calling From MoneyBank Credit Services Department.

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Bart: Hello?
Creditor: Hello, Mr. Halper. I'm calling from MoneyBank Credit
Services Department. I was wondering if you had a chance to
read the threatening letter we sent you.
Bart: Daaah...?
Creditor: [condescendingly] Because you sound like a mature,
responsible person, who wouldn't want an unpaid credit card
bill to spoil all his hopes and dreams for the future.
Dreams such as home ownership, boat ownership and event-
attendance! Now, when can I tell my supervisor, Mr.
Robinson, to expect payment?
[Laddie takes the phone into his mouth and hangs it up]
Bart: [nervously relieved] Good dog.
-- The inevitable consequences associated with credit
card fraud, committed by Bart, "The Canine Mutiny"