Homer: Hey, Boy, Wake Up. Your Old Man Found Some Deer.

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Homer: Hey, boy, wake up. Your old man found some deer.
Bart: Huh? You did?
Bart: Hey, wait, man. Those are reindeer!
Homer: Yep. And it's your shot, son.
[hands Bart the gun]
Bart: What? I'm not gonna shoot a reindeer in a pen.
[Moe nudges Homer]
Homer: Come on, boy. Be a sport and kill Blitzen, okay?
Bart: [pleading] Dad! [starts whimpering]
Moe: Oh criminy. Here come the waterworks.
Homer: Bart, I'm gonna turn my back, and when I turn around, I wanna see
a whole PILE of dead reindeer!
-- "Homer's Phobia"