John: Oh, I've Got The Exact Same Curtains, Only In My Bathroom.

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John: Oh, I've got the exact same curtains, only in my bathroom.
Didn't you just die when you found these?
Marge: Not really. They just had corn on them. Kitchen... Corn...
John: Oh!
[slaps Marge on the arm in an "Oh You!" manner]
[Marge snickers and taps John back]
[Bart tries and imitate them, more-or-less punching Homer]
Homer: Oww! Why you little...!
[strangles Bart]
Bart: Aaah! Dad! Dad! Company! Company!
Homer: [stops] Oh. I'll just be another minute, John. Have a seat.
[resumes strangling]
-- Company rules, "Homer's Phobia"