Chalmers: Well, It's Clear You've Been Falsely Accused.

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Chalmers: Well, it's clear you've been falsely accused. Because no
one, anywhere, ever, would pretend to be a 44-year-old
[the crowd walks off]
Krusty: Oh, that's for sure.
Hibbert: I'm, uh, I'm inclined to agree.
Willie: Ach! I'll never look at him the same again.
Lenny: That was more than I wanted to know.
Chalmers: [clears throat] Okay, well um, Edna, Seymour, in light of
these uh, uh, revelations, I uh, suppose we uh,
Krabappel: Do we have our jobs back?
Chalmers: What? Oh yes, yes, sure. Just uh, you know, keep the
lewdness to a minimum. [hurries off]
-- Uncompromising standards, "Grade School Confidential"