Chalmers: [through Bullhorn] Skinner, Get Off Of My School.

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Chalmers: [through bullhorn] Skinner, get off of my school.
Skinner: No, you get off of my school.
Marge: Homer, Bart's up there!
Homer: [taking bullhorn from Chalmers] Gimmie that.
[through bullhorn] Bart, this is your father. Do you know
where the remote is? I looked all over the house.
Bart: Did you check your pockets?
Homer: [checks, and find that the remote was in his back pocket all
[through the bullhorn to Marge] It was ...
[lowers bullhorn] ... it was in my pocket.
-- Marge should've gotten him the hostage negotiation
tape, after all, "Grade School Confidential"