Chalmers: Skinner! Skinner: [startled] Superintendent Chalmers.

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Chalmers: Skinner!
Skinner: [startled] Superintendent Chalmers.
Chalmers: The whole town's in an uproar about your sleazy shenanigans.
Now, I'm going to give you a choice: You can either give up
this tawdry, fulfilling relationship, or you two will be out
of here so fast your mortarboards will spin. And where is
your mortarboard, anyway?
Skinner: Uh, right here, sir. [retrieves it and puts it on, sending
a cloud of dust flying]
Chalmers: So, what'll it be, Seymour?
Skinner: Well, I'm sorry but uh, I can't give up the woman I love.
Chalmers: Well, then I'm afraid you leave me no choice. I want you
out of the building by three o'clock. You're fired. Edna,
Skinner: [gasps]
-- Guess what, honey! I got us both canned,
"Grade School Confidential"