Skinner: More Tea, Edna? Krabappel: What Kind Of Little Boy Has A Tea Set?

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Skinner: More tea, Edna?
Krabappel: What kind of little boy has a tea set?
Skinner: [pours tea] I think we both know the answer to that ... a
lucky boy.
Krabappel: [chuckles] You know, Seymour, you have an innocence about
you that can be quite charming.
Skinner: Oh? Well, I've always admired your tart honesty and
ability to be personally offended by broad social trends.
Krabappel: Oh, really?
Skinner: Very much. And your laugh.
Krabappel: You mean, "Ha!"
Skinner: Mmm-Hmm. That's the one that makes me feel ... [Krabappel
holds his hand] Oh, boy. Do you have a, uh, breath mint
that I could borrow?
Krabappel: I have some menthol cigarettes.
Skinner: Oh, the heck with it. [they kiss passionately]
-- This could be the start of something ... well not
beautiful, exactly, "Grade School Confidential"