Krabappel: Hi, Bart. Bart: [startled, He Drops His Glass] Uh, Mrs.

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Krabappel: Hi, Bart.
Bart: [startled, he drops his glass] Uh, Mrs. K! Hey, it's
Saturday; you're powers are useless against me.
Krabappel: Relax. I'm just here to have fun like everybody else, so
don't think of me as your teacher.
Bart: Okay ... so ...
Krabappel: Mmm-hmm.
[Krabappel sips some punch, and she and Bart laugh
Bart: Excuse me. [Walks off about twenty yards, and just stands
Krabappel: [sighs]
-- Easier said than done, Mrs. Krabappel,
"Grade School Confidential"