Cletus: [waving] Hey Slow Down! I Wants To Talk To You!

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Cletus: [waving] Hey slow down! I wants to talk to you!
[Homer stops the car]
Cletus: Give us three hundred pretzels.
Marge: [to Homer] You see? A little persistence and patience paid off!
[to Cletus] That'll be three hundred dollars.
Cletus: Hey I don't think so. I got me three hundred coupons.
[Cletus hands an armful of coupons to Marge]
Marge: [growls] I should've said "Limit: one per customer."
Cletus: Should'a but didn't so hand 'em over. Hey! Kids! We're eatin'
dinner tonight!
-- Learning business the hard way,
"The Twisted World of Marge Simpson"