Flanders: Welcome, Neighbors. Since The Police Can't Seem To Get Off Their Dufferoonies To Do Something About This Burglarino

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Flanders: Welcome, neighbors. Since the police can't seem to get off
their dufferoonies to do something about this burglarino, I
think it's time we started our own neighborhood watch...
[Everyone cheers]
Now, who should lead the group?
Man: You!
Everyone: Yay! Flanders! Flanders! Flanders!
Flanders: I don't really have very much experience, but I'll --
Moe: Someone else!
Everyone: Yay! Someone else! Someone else! Someone else!
Homer: _I'm_ someone else.
Lenny: He's right!
Homer: We don't need a thinker. We need a doer: someone who'll act
without considering the consequences.
Everyone: Homer! Homer! Homer!
-- How quickly they sway, "Homer the Vigilante"