Ned: [sleepy] Howdily-diddely. Phone: Greetings, Friends.

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Ned: [sleepy] Howdily-diddely.
Phone: Greetings, friends. Do you wish to look...
Ned: [hangs up] Oh, it's that darn recording again.
Maude: Of course it was. It's been calling all night. Just unplug the
[Ned turns out the light -- the phone rings again]
Ned: Howdily-di...
Phone: Greetings, friends...
[Ned hangs up]
Ned: Dang!
Maude: I told you to unplug the phone.
Ned: But it could be my mother!
[the phone rings]
Phone: Greetings, friends...
Ned: [hangs up] Shoot!
Maude: That is it, Ned! If you don't unplug that phone right now,
you're sleeping on the lawn.
Homer: [outside his window] Will you two shut up?! People are trying
to sleep!
-- "Lisa's Date With Density"