Troy: Apu Living With The Simpsons?! It Happened. And Here's A Scene You Didn't See.

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Troy: Apu living with the Simpsons?! It happened. And here's a scene
you didn't see.
Apu: I'm hoping you enjoy this movie. It made every Indian critic's
top 400 list.
Woman: [singing] Love love love love love! I'm in love with lovely
[an Indian man breaks through a window and curses in Hindi at
three sitting men]
[they all start dancing]
Bart: This movie you rented sucks.
Homer: No it doesn't, it's funny! Their clothes are different from my
clothes. [laughs] Look at what they're wearing! [laughs more]
-- Some new footage in 1F10 ("Homer and Apu"),
"The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular"