Apu: Oh, It's Hopeless. Oh, Poor Apu. Abe: Hey! The Government Can't Control The Sky.

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Apu: Oh, it's hopeless. Oh, poor Apu.
Abe: Hey! The government can't control the sky. What if you lived
in a balloon?
Lisa: That's it!
Bart: Hear that? Hear that, mom? She's as dumb as me.
Lisa: No, not what he said. What he is. Grandfather, as in
grandfather clause. Apu, how long ago did you visa expire?
Apu: Seven years, but I don't--
Lisa: There's an amnesty that was declared for people who've lived here
as long as you. You can take the citizenship test!
Marge: But the vote on Proposition 24 is on Tuesday. You'll have to
pass the exam before then.
Apu: Oh, that is not nearly enough time to learn over 200 years of
American history.
Homer: Oh, it can't be that many. Come on, Apu. I'll be your tutor.
[everyone looks worried]
-- And that means party down, "Much Apu About Nothing"