Smithers: Sir, The Designers Are Here With Some Prototypes For Your Casino.

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Smithers: Sir, the designers are here with some prototypes for your
Brit: Gentlemen, I give you Brittania! Gambling with all the
glitz and glamour of the British Isles. Best of all, the
waitresses and showgirls are all real Brits -- fresh from
the streets of Sussex, they are.
Woman: Freshen your drink, Guv'ner?
Burns: Get out.
Hippy: OK, all right, wait, now -- now dig this, man --
Burns: Get out.
Hippy: Ho ho, wow, oh, let me just get my head together.
Burns: Now!
McAllister: I'll need three ships and fifty stout men. We'll sail
'round the Horn and return with spices and silk, the likes
of which ye have never seen.
Burns: We're building a casino!
McAllister: Arr...can you give me five minutes?
-- One bad design after another, "$pringfield"