Pedro: Ah, Tiempo Para Relaxar En Paz Y Quieto. [opens A Cabinet Full Of Oranges Which Wallop His Head] !

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Pedro: Ah, tiempo para relaxar en paz y quieto.
[opens a cabinet full of oranges which wallop his head]
!Ay, naranjas en la cabeza!
[flails about in his home until he finds himself stuck on
a chandelier]
!Ay, una candelabra precariosa!
[the chandelier is pulled free of the ceiling; bringing the
ceiling down with it]
Emma: [walking down and seeing the disaster] !Ay!
Mira que cosa tan terrible, yo no puedo entender algo como
esto, como puedo vivir con un hombre tan irresponsible.
!No, no, no, no no!
[walks off, handing Pedro a divorce paper]
-- "Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield"