Lou: You Know, The Funniest Thing Though; It's The Little Differences.

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Lou: You know, the funniest thing though; it's the little
Wiggum: Example.
Lou: Well, at McDonald's you can buy a Krusty Burger with cheese,
right? But they don't call it a Krusty Burger with cheese.
Wiggum: Get out! Well, what do they call it?
Lou: A Quarter Pounder with cheese.
Wiggum: Quarter Pounder with cheese? Well, I can picture the cheese,
but, uh, do they have Krusty partially gelatinated non-dairy
gum-based beverages?
Lou: Mm-hm. They call 'em, "shakes."
Eddie: Huh, shakes. You don't know what you're gettin'.
-- Don't think you want to know,
"Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield"