Lisa: Okay, But You Gotta Promise You Won't Get Mad Or Tell Anyone, Especially Bart.

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Lisa: Okay, but you gotta promise you won't get mad or tell anyone,
especially Bart.
Homer: I promise.
Lisa: [Jenna von Oy-esque] Bart rented a car with a phony driver's
license and drove Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson to a week out in
Knoxville and their car got crushed and they're out of money and
they can't get home and Bart's working as a courier and just
came back from Hong Kong!
Homer: [face reddens, then returns to normal] Yes, that's a real
pickle. Could you excuse me for a moment?
[puts on the radiation suit hood, which muffles his voice]
[yells his head off as the faceplate fogs up]
-- I promised I _would_ get mad,
"Bart on the Road"