Moe: D'oh, He's Going To Ruin Everything! All Right, That's It, Home

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Moe: D'oh, he's going to ruin everything! All right, that's it,
Homer: either Burns goes, or Moe goes.
Apu: Yes, I am afraid that I am going to have to make a similar threat
with my name in place of Moe's name.
Burns: So, who's ready to kick some Christian keister?
Homer: Oh, uh...Mr. Burns? As team captain, it's my duty to inform you
that --
Burns: Oh, I almost forgot. I brought you all a little something.
[pulls out a professionally-designed Pin Pals T-shirt]
Moe: Aw, would you look at that? "Pin Pals".
Apu: At last, I finally have a garment fine enough to be married in.
Burns: I've always been wealthy, but this is the first time I ever
Homer: [sobs] Aw.
Burns: Now, Homer, you were about to say something to me.
Homer: [pause] You're off the team.
Burns: I -- what?
Moe: [awkward laugh] He's just ribbing you, Monty.
[Apu agrees; they all laugh]
-- How quickly they forget, "Team Homer"