Bart: Wow! Look At All The Colors, Man! Lisa: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange!

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Bart: Wow! Look at all the colors, man!
Lisa: Red, green, yellow, orange! I remember all of these.
Milhouse: I'm freaking out!
Jimbo: Hey: something's coming back to me. Down with homework!
Martin: [dancing, shirtless] And down with uniforms! Yay!
[other children cheer and riot]
Chalmers: [getting hit on the head with balls, etc.] Ow. Ow. Ow! Ow.
Skinner! Why aren't these uniforms colorfast?!
Skinner: I don't understand it. I got them at the same place I buy
Mother's dresses, and -- Good Lord! Mother's in the park!
Chalmers: Now this, I gotta see! [walks off]
-- For every action..., "Team Homer"