Todd: [without Enthusiasm] You're "it". [touches Lisa] Lisa

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Todd: [without enthusiasm] You're "it". [touches Lisa]
Lisa: [to Milhouse] Now you are the one who is "it".
Milhouse: [looking down] Understood.
Chalmers: Well, I've got to hand it to you, Seymour: these drab student
coverings have created the perfect distraction-free
environment, thus preparing the children for permanent
positions in tomorrow's mills and processing facilities. Hah!
Best of all, with less than a minute to go before I leave,
absolutely nothing has gone wrong --
[it thunders; rain starts to fall]
Skinner: We -- well, it is starting to rain, but I can hardly be blamed
for that, can I?
[Chalmers begins laughing; Seymour joins in]
Chalmers: Yes, very good.
-- Tag, uniform style, "Team Homer"