Burns: {I Don't Remember Writing A Check For Bowling.

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Burns: {I don't remember writing a check for bowling.}
Smithers: {Uh, Sir, that's a check for your _boweling_.}
Burns: {Oh, yes. That's very important.}
Smithers: {Yes, Sir. Remember that month you didn't do it?}
Burns: {Yes...that was unpleasant for all concerned. Anyway, back to
the checks.}
Stop everything! I don't remember writing a check for
Smithers: Hmm...the memo says, "To my pal, Poppin' Fresh."
Burns: Ah yes, that greedy, grasping, glob of chemicals.
Smithers: Probably one of your ether-induced hallucinations, Sir. I'll
check the employee file to see who could pull off such an
[pushes a remote; a TV turns on]
Hmm. Now, it was either Pops Freshenmeyer --
[on the screen, Pops and Poppin' are overlaid] -- or Homer
[Homer and Poppin' are overlaid; "Perfect match" flashes]
Burns: Homer Simpson, eh? Let's shut down this bowling scam right
-- Burns remembers who it is for once, "Team Homer"