Barbara: George, It's Time To Get Dressed. George

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Barbara: George, it's time to get dressed.
George: N'uh huh. Not going outside today, not with those neighbors.
Staying right here till my speech to the Elk's club.
Homer: [knocking at door] Yoo hoo!
George: Who is it?
[looks through spy hole without glasses on, sees two figures]
Homer: It's your sons, George Bush Jr. and Jeb Bush. {Come outside,
George: {Oh, good.} Bar, the boys are out in the front yard.
_They'll_ help me think of a plan to get those Simpsons.
Barbara: Oh, George, is that all you ever think about? The boys
probably just want a letter of recommendation.
George: [opening door] Boys? [Homer pulls them out of the way] Where
are you going?
Homer: OK, Son: give him the glue!
[Bart squeezes some glue onto Bush's hair]
[Homer stuffs a multicolored afro on top]
[they run off, laughing]
George: [at the Elk's club] And that's why I will continue to oppose
teen alcoholism in all its forms!
[everyone claps]
Now, are there any questions? [everyone puts their hand up]
-- keeping in mind that I already explained about my hair.
Everyone: Oh yeah, that's right. etc. [putting hands down]
-- Burns goes hippie, "Two Bad Neighbors"