Homer: [chuckles] This Is Going To Be Sweet. Two Hundred Bottle Rockets And George Bush Doing Toe Touches By An Open Window!

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Homer: [chuckles] This is going to be sweet. Two hundred bottle
rockets and George Bush doing toe touches by an open window!
Bart: You get one up his butt, it's a million points.
[Homer flicks a lighter]
[fireworks erupt outside the Bushes]
Barbara: [yawns] Why don't you just say you're sorry, George?
George: Because I'm right! Oh, no, I'm going to fix their wagon good.
I've pulled some pranks in my time...[shakes spray paint]
["Two bad neighbors" banner hangs from his house next day]
Hibbert: I don't understand. Are you saying you and Barbara are bad
George: No! That's not Bar and me, it's them!
Ned: Who, Maude and me?
George: No, the man and his boy. You know, the -- the boy is named
Bart. I don't know the name of the man. Bar! What's the name
of the man?
Barbara: [off-camera] I'm not getting involved, George.
George: Look, just never mind. I thought the banner was pretty
straightforward, but I'll just take it down.
-- Misunderstood, "Two Bad Neighbors"