Homer: Hey! You Owe Me An Apology. George: You Owe _me_ An Apology.

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Homer: Hey! You owe me an apology.
George: You owe _me_ an apology. If you were any kind of a father,
you'd have disciplined that boy a long time ago.
Ray: You want to step back, Sir? You're trampling the flowers.
Homer: Ooh! Hiding behind your goons, eh, Bush? Well _you_ are a
George: [with trembling lips] Wimp, am I? Agent Johnson, Agent Heintz,
you men stand down.
[the gate opens and Homer walks in]
All right, Mister: you want trouble? You're going to get
Homer: Oh, I want trouble, all right.
George: Then you're going to get trouble.
Homer: No, _you're_ going to get trouble.
George: Oh, that's good, that's good, 'cause I _want_ trouble.
Homer: Then we're agreed there'll be trouble.
George: Oh, yeah, lots of trouble.
Homer: Trouble it is.
George: For you. [walks inside, slams door]
Homer: For -- d'oh!
-- Bubble, bubble, "Two Bad Neighbors"