George: [typing] And Since I'd Achieved All My Goals As President In One Term, There Was No Need For A Second.

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George: [typing] And since I'd achieved all my goals as President in one
term, there was no need for a second. The end.
Hmm, good memoirs. Good, not great. Now, let's look at that
old outboard -- soup that baby up, rattle a few windows down
Kennebunkport next May. [chuckles]
Bart: Hello, Mr. Bush!
[skateboards in, knocking a sheet from the memoirs loose]
Whatcha doin'?
George: Now, don't upset the desk there -- careful! Don't want to horse
around with --
Bart: [spying outboard] Hey, cool! What does this do?
George: Now don't you pull that cord, young man --
[Bart pulls it anyway; the motor runs around the room]
No! Hey -- Bar! My motor's gone loco! [crash!] Ohh, the
birdhouse. My prize orchids!
[the motor stops; Bart taps it and it starts up again]
[it stops once again; a lightbulb falls on it and it restarts]
No, not the memoirs. Don't even think about it. Not going to
happen --
[he can't prevent it from happening]
Bart: Whoa, man.
George: Whoa, nothing. I'm going to do something your daddy should have
done a long time ago.
[takes Bart over his knee and spanks him]
Now go home and think about what you've done, young man!
-- Let that be a lesson to you, "Two Bad Neighbors"