Bart: Why, Hello, Mrs. Bush! Barbara: Hi, Bart! Mr.

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Bart: Why, hello, Mrs. Bush!
Barbara: Hi, Bart! Mr. Bush is upstairs napping.
Bart: You know, your husband's awful grumpy.
Barbara: Oh, that's just his way; he really likes you. You know, it's
time for him to get up and work on his memoirs. Why don't you
go wake him?
[a loud horn note blasts]
George: [waking suddenly] Great Scot, don't touch that! That's the
alpenhorn Helmut Kohl gave me.
Bart: [dropping it] Where'd you get those pyjamas?
George: They're presidential pyjamas. You have to be President, and
you're not President!
Bart: Yes I am.
George: [stammers] No, you're not! [calls out] Bar!
-- George Bush, tattletale, "Two Bad Neighbors"