Maude: What Brings You To Springfield? Barbara: Well, George And I Just Wanted To Be Private Citizens Again -- Go Where Nobody Cared About Politics.

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Maude: What brings you to Springfield?
Barbara: Well, George and I just wanted to be private citizens again --
go where nobody cared about politics. So we found the town
with the lowest voter turnout in America.
George: Just happy to be here among good, average people with no
particular hopes or dreams.
Rod: But, Mr. President, we're not all good people.
Todd: There's one little boy you should watch out for. He's a bad,
_bad_ little boy.
Ned: [nervous laugh] Now Todd, don't _scare_ the president.
[Bart skateboards by as evil music plays]
-- Bart, worse than Gabbo?, "Two Bad Neighbors"