Apu: [singing Along Badly] The Dream Police, They Live Inside Of My Bed

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Apu: [singing along badly] The Dream Police, they live inside of my
The Dream Police, they come to me in my head,
The Dream Police, they're going to direct me now,
Oh nooo...
[Bart and Homer walk up]
Howdy, neighbors! May I spray you with the hose in a playful
Homer: Uh...spray the boy.
[Apu does so]
Well! Ready for the big rummage sale?
Apu: Oh, yes, indeed. I've got nothing but time until they fix that
malfunctioning Squishee machine.
[the Kwik-E-Mart is filled with green liquid]
[two scuba divers operate a blow torch in front of the machine]
[Jimbo swims in and pilfers two six packs from the freezer]
-- There's nothing some people won't do,
"Two Bad Neighbors"