Lisa: [spraying The Christmas Tree] Mom, This Fake Snow Is Making Me Dizzy.

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Lisa: [spraying the Christmas tree] Mom, this fake snow is making me
Marge: We're almost finished. There's just a little bit of green left.
[Lisa drops the can and looks catatonic]
[Bart walks in]
Marge: There you are. You can help me spray the cookies!
[Bart looks at her] Are you hiding something? What do you have
under your jacket?
Bart: Nothing!
Marge: Oh, Bart, not again. Give it to me!
Bart: I told you, I don't have anything! [runs off]
Marge: You can't hide from me in this house, Bart. I spend 23 hours a
day here.
Homer: [blocking a door] Hee hee hee. Get 'im, Ma.
-- Homer, country bumpkin, "Marge Be Not Proud"