Bart: OK! I Won't Bug Milhouse. But...well...Mrs.

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Bart: OK! I won't bug Milhouse. But...well...Mrs. Van Houten, this
is going to sound kind of dumb, but...can I hang out with you
while you do mom stuff?
[Mrs. VH smiles]
[in the kitchen, she puts Christmas cards in envelopes; Bart
helps her by putting the stamps on]
Bart: Who are Dan and Sherrie Adler?
Mrs. VH: Just friends of ours.
Bart: Oh. And, who is Warren Burke?
Mrs. VH: Oh. He used to tune our piano before we got rid of it. He
grew up in Mechanicsburg.
Bart: [genuinely interested] Oh, really?
Mrs. VH: Mmm. [realizes, looks quizzically at Bart]
Bart: [pause] Tell me I'm good.
-- Can't get enough of that wonderful mom stuff,
"Marge Be Not Proud"