Brodka: Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Simpson? This Is Detective Don Brodka From Try-N-Save Security.

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Brodka: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson? This is detective Don Brodka from
Try-N-Save security. That's right, Don Brodka. Your son Bart
has been caught shoplifting. Uh huh. Yeah, it's a shame, I
know, but...well, _try_ and have a merry Christmas.
[hangs up] They weren't home, uh huh. But I left a message on
their answering machine, that's right.
Bart: Um, OK. I've really, really, _really_ learned my lesson. Can I
please go now?
Brodka: Yeah, get out of my sight.
[Bart starts to run away]
Hey, kid: one more thing. If you _ever_ set foot in this store
again, you'll be spending Christmas in juvenile hall. Capisce?
[Bart looks blank]
Well, do you understand?
Bart: Everything except "capisce".
-- He's weak in the romance languages,
"Marge Be Not Proud"