Lisa: Grandma, Have You Ever Thought About Moving Back To Springfield?

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Lisa: Grandma, have you ever thought about moving back to
Homer: You could live with Grampa again.
[everyone, including Abe, laughs]
Abe: Oh, I'm a living joke.
Grandma: You know, Lisa, [phone rings] it might be nice to rest for a
[Homer answers it, then leans into the doorway]
Homer: Mom? There's nothing to be alarmed about, but...could you
take one last look at the family and join me in the kitchen?
[outside, a tank and a police car pull up]
Burns: [in the tank] I've been waiting 25 years for this moment.
[puts on a tape of "Ride of the Valkyries"]
[it turns into "Waterloo" by ABBA]
Smithers: I'm sorry, Sir, I must have taped over that.
-- A minor oversight, "Mother Simpson"