Grandma Runs From Mr. Burns And Wiggum] Grandma: [voice Over] From That Moment On, My Life As I Knew It Was Over.

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[Grandma runs from Mr. Burns and Wiggum]
Grandma: [voice over] From that moment on, my life as I knew it was
Kent: [on TV] Only one member of the Springfield Seven was
identified. She's been described as a woman in her early 30s,
yellow complexion, and may be extremely helpful. For Channel
Six News, I'm Kenny Brockelstein.
[she walks into young Homer's room and looks at him sleeping]
Grandma: Homer...[kisses him, weeps] I'm sorry.
[walks out]
Homer: [in the present] I thought I dreamed that kiss.
Marge: I'm so sorry I misjudged you, Mom. You had to leave to protect
your family!
Lisa: {How did you survive?}
Grandma: {Oh, I had help from my friends in the underground. Jerry
Reuben gave me a job marketing his line of health shakes, I
proofread Bobby Seale's cookbook, and I ran credit checks at
Tom Hayden's Porsche dealership.}
-- Lucrative underground business dealings,
"Mother Simpson"