Grandma: I Saw All Your Awards, Lisa. They're Mighty Impressive.

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Grandma: I saw all your awards, Lisa. They're mighty impressive.
Lisa: Aw, I just keep them out to bug Bart, heh.
Grandma: [reproachful] Don't be bashful. When I was your age, kids made
fun of me because I read at the ninth-grade level.
Lisa: Me too!
Homer: [walking on his hands] Hey, Mom! Look at me! Look at what I
can do!
Grandma: I see you, Homer. That's _very_ nice.
[to Lisa] Although I hardly consider "A Separate Peace" the
ninth-grade level.
Lisa: Shyeah, more like preschool.
Grandma: I hate John Knowles.
Lisa: Me too.
[they both laugh, then sigh]
Homer: Mom! You're not looking!
Grandma: You know, Lisa, I feel like I have an instant rapport with you.
Lisa: [gasps] You didn't dumb it down! You said "rapport".
-- Lisa shares a touching moment, "Mother Simpson"