Grandma: Homer, You Grew Up So Handsome. Homer: Some People Say I Look Like Dan Aykroyd.

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Grandma: Homer, you grew up so handsome.
Homer: Some people say I look like Dan Aykroyd.
I can't believe you're here! Dad always told me you died while
I was at the movies.
Grandma: Oh, my poor baby. You must have been so upset. But I suppose
Abe has his reasons.
Homer: {Yeah.} Well, where have you been all this time?
Grandma: It's...a very complicated story. Let's just enjoy this moment.
Homer: Ma, there's something you should know about me: I almost always
spoil the moment.
[a pelican lands on his head and spits a fish into his pants]
I'm sorry.
Grandma: That's OK, darling: it wasn't your fault.
-- The first meeting in 27 years, "Mother Simpson"