Homer: "Vent Radioactive Gas?" [types] Y E S. "Sound Alertness Horn?

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Homer: "Vent radioactive gas?" [types] Y E S.
"Sound alertness horn?" Y E S. [it sounds in the distance]
"Decalcify calcium ducts?" Well, give me a Y, give me a...Hey!
All I have to type is Y. [to Marge] Hey, Miss Doesn't-find-me-
attractive-sexually-anymore: I just tripled my productivity!
Marge: Good. Good for you.
Homer: Y. Y. Let's see, so many letters to choose from. I'll pick Y!
Y. Y. [sees SLH] Wha -- what the heck are you doing over there?
[Pushes SLH down to the floor.]
There, you found the floor.
SLH: Arf!
Homer: Y, Y, Y. Y. Y.
Marge: I'm going out, I run errands during the day.
Homer: Could you pick me up a lemonade and a beer?
[The door slams.]
-- Not in this fat lifetime, "King-Size Homer"