Bart: [sighs With Relief] Willy's Gone For Good. Now I Can Get Back To My Normal Dream

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Bart: [sighs with relief] Willy's gone for good. Now I can get back
to my normal dreams: me and Krusty winning the Super Bowl!
[Krusty, dressed in a football uniform, runs up as a crowd
Krusty: Bart, there's two seconds left. Now listen up. It's your basic
Statue of Liberty play with one twist: you throw it to me!
Knute Rockne called it the forward pass.
[behind Bart, a giant tartan spiderlike bagpipe with Willy's
head on it rises from the sandbox]
Now, the clock's still running, so it's important we start this
play as quickly as possible.
Bart: [getting grabbed] Aah!
Krusty: Oh, boy. Don't dream about me no more, kid. [runs off]
-- Some supportive clown _he_ is,
"Treehouse of Horror VI"