Grandma: A Caller At This Hour? [to Mr. VH] You Dial 9-1, Then When I Say So, Dial 1 Again.

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Grandma: A caller at this hour? [to Mr. VH] You dial 9-1, then when I
say so, dial 1 again. [opens the door] [TM]
Bart: [sees Milhouse, sighs with relief] Milhouse, please.
Milhouse: Bart, I can't play now. It's 2:00 a.m.
Bart: Milhouse, I've _got_ to have my soul back. I'll do anything
you want.
Milhouse: Uh...well...
Mr. VH: Uh, Milhouse, give him back his soul! I've got work tomorrow.
Milhouse: I'm really sorry...I kind of traded your soul to the guy at
the comic book store. But look! I got some cool pogs: [shows
them] Alf pogs! Remember Alf? He's pog form.
Bart: [incredulous] You traded my soul for pogs?!
[runs out screaming]
Grandma: Close that door! You're letting the heat out.
Mr. VH: Shut up, shut up, shut up!
-- "Bart Sells His Soul"