Moe: Go On, Take It All. Get It All Out Of Here. Barney

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Moe: Go on, take it all. Get it all out of here.
Barney: You know, Moe, you might want to keep the fire extinguishers.
Moe: Nah. Too many bad memories.
Barney: {Well, look at the bright side, Moe: you still got us.}
Moe: {Yeah. Yeah, you know, that -- that actually makes me feel a
little better.}
Homer: {Why? That was the problem in the first place: you were going
broke because we were your only customers. Wasn't that the
problem in the first place? That you were going broke? Moe?
Moe? Hey, Moe. Oh! You're thinking about all the money you
blew, aren't you. [Moe nods] What was it? Fifty, sixty
thousand dollars?
Moe, look: maybe it would help if you went over all the mistakes
you made from the beginning. Moe?}
Moe: {[exasperated] What?!}
Homer: {Let me get a pen.}
-- Kwyjibo brain slowness alert, "Bart Sells His Soul"