Wiggum: Son, You Wait Here While Daddy Tries To Talk Some Sense Into This Raving Derelict.

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Wiggum: Son, you wait here while Daddy tries to talk some sense into
this raving derelict.
[the man raves as Wiggum walks up]
Wiggum: [motioning] Slow down, slow down.
[the man raves some more, something about "Albert Hitchcock
stole every idea I ever had"]
{_Who's_ been stealing your thoughts?}
{[the man raves some more, something about "The Olde Curiosity
Shoppe" and "John Gielgud"]}
[Bart opens the squad car door]
Bart: Hello, Ralph.
Ralph: Aah! Um, hi, Bart. I know you from school.
Bart: Yes. A simple proposition, Ralph: how would you like to make a
Ralph: Uh...I don't know.
Bart: All you have to do is sign a paper that says I can have your
soul. [desperate] I need a soul, Ralph -- any soul. Yours!
[Ralph starts bawling]
Wiggum: [shining a flashlight] Hey, what's going on over there?
[Bart hisses; he runs off into the mist and vanishes]
-- A vampire in Springfield, "Bart Sells His Soul"