Moe: [sighs] Here You Go! Here I Am! Uncle Moe -- Thank You, Ma'am!

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Moe: [sighs] Here you go! Here I am!
Uncle Moe -- thank you, ma'am!
This'll be a treat:
Uncle Moe! Here I am, while you eat!
Sherri: Yay! Now do it for Terri.
Moe: What, it's your birthday too?
Together: We're twins.
Moe: [sighs] Here you go, here I am. Eat your fries, eat them.
[puts them on the table and leaves]
Kid: Here's you. [gives Moe a drawing] [PH]
Moe: [looking at it] Aw, jeez. And you got the stink lines, and
[gives Snake his bill]
Snake: Ho, dude: you did _not_ smile. We eat for free. Come on,
Shoshanna, let's roll.
Moe: But I sang you the potato stuffings. Come on! I sang you the
potato stuffings.
Krusty: Look at the vein on that guy's forehead. He's gonna blow!
-- Just like Krakatoa, "Bart Sells His Soul"