Lisa: I Would Like To Say Grace. Ahem. Lord, Have Mercy On My Soul.

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Lisa: I would like to say grace. Ahem.
Lord, have mercy on my soul...and Mom's soul...and Dad's
soul...and Maggie's soul...and let every _soul_ in
Christendom --
[Bart throws a fry at Lisa]
Marge: Bart!
Bart: I can't _take_ this any more. I want my soul, and I want
it now! [runs out]
Homer: Bart, you didn't finish your spaghetti and Moe balls!
Homer's brain: Silence, you fool. It can be ours!
Homer: [eating] Run, boy! Run! Run for your life, boy!
-- Truly, an evil scheme, "Bart Sells His Soul"