Ned: Rod, You Order Anything You Want For Your Big Ten-oh.

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Ned: Rod, you order anything you want for your big ten-oh.
Rod: Million dollar birthday fries!
Waiter: [gleeful] Uh oh!
[a flashing light and siren go off]
Maude: [reading] "Moe gets so excited when you order his million dollar
birthday fries, he just has to celebrate.
[Moe jumps out with sparklers and fries on his head in a
Moe: Here you go! Here I am!
Uncle Moe -- thank you, ma'am!
This'll be a treat:
Uncle Moe! Here I am, while you eat!
[leans down; Rod tries a couple of fries]
Moe: Please take the fries off my head, kid. The basket is extremely
-- The agony of hot cooking oil, "Bart Sells His Soul"